Lead generation

All business owners know that a sale is the lifeblood of any company, and to sell, you first must get a good lead. Whether it’s doing internet/web research on your target market, making calls to potential prospects, or sending messages via LinkedIn, a Lead Generation Specialist will help you grow your business or increase the sale by creating a database of potential customers. Our lead generation specialist will provide you with consistent and reliable results, without the costs associated with hiring a local employee. While it is very cost effective for you, we also offer highly competitive compensation to our candidates in the India. This guarantees that we attract the best quality Virtual Associates who are motivated and experienced.

Lead Generation Specialist: Only $6 per Hour
Increase your sales with a Lead Generation Specialist experienced in the following and much more:
– LinkedIn research and marketing
– Target market research
– CRM management
– Lead Filtering
– Email campaigns

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